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   تار نمای دل باخته ایران






Aljazeera - Dec 10 2009 - Amnesty condemns Iranian rights abuses


Women act against repression and intimidation in Iran - 28 February 2008

The Iranian authorities are continuing to harass activists working to defend women’s rights.

Rape: ever present danger for Darfur's women - 14 February 2008

At least 2.3 million people have been displaced by the conflict in Darfur; most now live in more than 65 camps dotted around Darfur.

Hungary to introduce protocol for rape victims and survivors - 26 December 2007

The government of Hungary has agreed to develop a protocol for dealing with victims and survivors of sexual violence in the home. 

Breakthrough in battle for justice for ‘comfort women’ - 21 December 2007

A new resolution on survivors of Japan’s military sexual slavery system urges the Japanese government to acknowledge, apologize and compensate the victims.

Ugandan justice system failing survivors of sexual violence - 13 December 2007

The justice system in Uganda is failing women and girls who have faced sexual violence.

Macedonia: Amnesty International launches report on double discrimination against Romani women and girls - 4 December 2007

Media Advisory: Amnesty International will present its report Little by little we women have learned our rights: the Macedonian government's failure to uphold the rights of Romani women and girls,  focusing on the double discrimination that Romani women in Macedonia suffer on the grounds of their gender and their ethnicity.

Survivors of sexual violence still waiting for justice and reparations - 1 November 2007

During the conflict between 1991 and 2002, it is estimated that a third of all women and girls in Sierra Leone were subjected to sexual violence. Many of these survivors are still waiting for justice.

Japan: ‘Comfort Women’ European Speaking Tour - 31 October 2007

As part of its campaign on Stop Violence Against Women, and Justice for Survivors of Japan's Sexual Slavery System (comfort women), Amnesty International organized a speakers' tour in 4 European capitals – The Hague, Brussels, Berlin and London- with three former comfort women from 1 – 14 November, 2007.

Iran: Authorities thwart campaign for gender equality - 23 August 2007

Activists campaigning for gender equality in Iran are unable to exercise their rights to freedom of expression and association, as shown by a number of recent arrests.